Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome...What is this?

Hello and welcome to my Design Blog!

Last year I was set the challenge of keeping a Blog for a Graphic Design class. However as I was jetting over to America for a Study Abroad year, It was not compulsory, needless to say exploring the beaches in the Florida sun took over as a priority and my Blog quickly diminished.

However upon my return to the UK (and most likely to the same Blog Challenge), I am eager to get a fresh start and get blogging!

Whilst spending a year in a foreign country I have managed to at least quadruple my original 2 suitcases worth of belongings that I bought over with me! As the time has come to pack up and downsize, I realised that 50% of the stuff I collect is stuff that I am attracted to as a Designer. Like not throwing away packaging for make up, tags from new clothes, gift card boxes from christmases and birthdays. Why? Because I like the feel of it or the way it looks. I rip out clever magazine adverts and collect quirky sketches that my friends make. All of this ’stuff’ is cluttering up my desk and my room and soon my life…. OK a little exaggeration. Anyway the point is, in the process of sorting out my stuff I realised that all I need to do is photograph it, Blog about it and then dispose of it. It all makes sense….I get rid of clutter, I have a permanent documentation of all the design I like, and other people get to see what inspires me ! It a win win situation!

Anyway, now you have an idea of why and what this blog is about, I hope you will stay tuned for the good stuff to come!

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