Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Stadium

I have been watching a lot of Beijing 2008 Olympics and have been taken back by a lot of the quality and design produced for this event. However by far the most superior piece of design is the National stadium which cost over £200 million and is the largest steel structure! It was designed by a Swiss architecture firm especially for Beijing 2008 and has been commonly referred to as the Birds Nest.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Type Systems

These were sent to me by a teacher this year in Florida, and are great to see different ways of arranging type!

Some dynamic, some systematic.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

American Smile

I loved this little logo of the classic smilie face with america as its smile. I miss studying abroad there and this definitely put a smile on my face! I think it was done by someone at Pentagram although I'm not sure what for!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peugeot Shop

A car show room with a difference...

In paris along the champs alysse are an array of glamorous shops, this one however caught my eye. It was a Peugeot shop which sold peugeot branded items and displayed some elaborately decorated cars....maybe for the female market!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cool Chairs

Philippe Starck had some great chairs on exhibit...loads of them.

I Liked them so much i checked out his website to see more of them! The best thing is he designs loads of cool stuff from lamps to lemon juicers to tap all of it so sleek and....expensive!!

Centre Pompidou

This modern art gallery in Paris is a master piece itself. Its bold modern glass front juxtaposed with the elegant historic building surrounding it was enough to draw me inside!

Blank page Syndrome?!?!

A great but useless gift found in the Pompidou gift shop.....

Literally a book of black pages...just like the cover states!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I first came across this water in a designer department store in Paris last week and was drawn to the packaging from afar! However as I got nearer and realised it was just another brand of bottled water I was outraged that they were charging 35 euros for it! After our second year project on promoting tap water this is definitely an example of paying for the packaging! As lovely as the packing is I think you would not only have to be rich but also stupid to but this!

Business cards that stand out!

Business cards with a twist, these are some great examples of tonnes of business cards I found while looking for inspiration! Each has that element of creativity relative to the purpose they are promoting!


FHM using a car bonnet to get some attention, hopefully won't distract attentions people too much on the road while they are driving!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Carrier Bags!

Much like the use of media on buses I posted last month, these bags are a great use of media space in an unusual way! It really catches your attention!

Leo Burnett Website

Great concept for a creative website and a fun navigation system!

Check it out

Cupcake Clutch

Bags Don't get much better than this...

A Pencil Ruler

I was given one of these at the pub quiz on sunday

Now this would be handy for a designer 2 tools in one!

You must visit this website....It show lots of bad and funny translations of Chinese into English

These are just some examples, the web site will have you in stitches for hours!

Whats Worse than a Banana?

A squashed banana.....

Now thats a good solution!

Wall-e Keep Britain Tidy

In relation to my post about walle I came across the keep Britain Tidy campaign today. Encourage people to follow Wall-e's example and clean up the world. A nice joint venture to set an example to kids and the need to recycle!ad

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tate - Street Art

An exhibitions with a twist at the tate, this street art is featured on the 'outside' walls of the tate modern! It is really cool and a must see this summer!

Smoking Gun!!!!!

Now I don't smoke but if i did, this would be the way I would do it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hidden Type

In the parks leading up to the Castle in Barcelona I found some giant type hidden in the bushes, all it said was "A-Z"!

Barcelona Exhibition

These cool images and more were on exhibit shortly after I left Barcelona but I was so taken back with the ones I did see I had to share!

Litchenstien Sculpture

This cool Litchenstien sculpture has been inspired by Goudy Barcelona most favoured artist! He uses metallisc and ceramics to mimic Goudy's style seen through out the rest of Barcelona!

Smile in the Mind

A really nice book with some lovely designs in. One of those inspiration book when you get a little stuck.

Barcelona Beach Sign

Recently while on a beach In Barcelona they had these really cool signs, maybe because they were so different and stood out people would take notice of them, instead of blending into the background like most sings if Only i could understand what it says!

Gift Card

A unique and cool pizza gift card box from the American restaurant famous for its delicious pizzas!