Sunday, August 3, 2008

Carrier Bags!

Much like the use of media on buses I posted last month, these bags are a great use of media space in an unusual way! It really catches your attention!


pollyaverill said...

These are all really effective! Think it's really interesting also now how the "Bag for Life" has become a kind of media that puts a company's brand out in the public eye. Some have made them really bright attracting attention and others have just simply put the company name on the side. It would be interesting to see more clever designs like these used.

Joseph Keirs said...

Wow, look at her skip. It's so simple, but not at all – it's genius!

& To think I bother holding on to my Selfridges bag because of the logo, I need me a gun carrier or something equally novel.

My stomach feels increasingly uneasy the more I look at the Stop n' Grow bag. There's something pretty disgusting about those fleshy knuckles being forced down her gaping mouth. A tad sadistic & totally amazing.

dannyboy said...

Do you think you'd be aloud to get on a plane if you where carrying the ASPE bag?

I hadn't really thought about the 'green' side of these bags but polly is right, you'd deffenetaly keep using these bags over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel joe about the nail biting one. I almost expected the lady to start gagging or something. Nevertheless they are all still great pieces of design and I wonder if when they were being designed they considered sustainability. Was their aim to be reused as a bag for life or did they just hope hey would because they are brilliant.