Friday, October 10, 2008

Kate Moss is Golden

This 50kg, £1.5 million gold statue of Kate Moss was recently unveiled at the British Museum in London. The statue, entitled 'Siren', is by artist Marc Quinn and is said to be the largest gold statue created since Ancient Egyptian times. The gold statue is of the supermodel in a yoga pose and joins a series of contemporary sculptures in the exhibition, called Statuephilia, with the works intermingling amid pieces from the museum's permanent collections.

Perhaps most interestingly it has been described by the British Museum as an "Aphrodite of our times", Moss' statue sits alongside sculptures of famous Greek beauties in the Museum's Nereid Gallery. An interesting concept that a drug and alcoholic addicted frightfully skinny supermodel, however pretty she may be has been immortalised a modern gold goddess statue.

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