Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shipping Container Houses

In July 2007, three Americans formed PFNC Global Communities -- PFNC stands for "Por Fin, Nuestra Casa," which roughly translates as "Finally, our own home." The company makes the homes you see above out of inexpensive, readily available, shipping containers. Their goal is to provide affordable housing for some of the poorest in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. These poor now live in houses made of scraps of paper and tin. PFNC wants factories who employ these people to offer homes as part of workers' benefits. What a great Idea, at the state of our housing market right now, we could probably do with a few over here to house all the people whose real houses have been repossessed.

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dannyboy said...

Nice idea! I cam imagine they could get cold in winter though (although they are in Mexico so it's probably not a problems to them). Quite a similar idea to the Freitag store in Zurich - see