Sunday, July 6, 2008

Controversial Copy Writing

This is an advert for an american teen drama Gossip Girl. It uses an adaption of the popular abbreviation OMG (Oh My God) to portray the steamy shocking story line of the show. It caused an uproar among many, as people were shocked of the insinuation of the word 'Fucking'! Although the words its self was never said it is amazing how much controversy it caused. Whilst in America I saw a news interview with the head of marketing for the channel it is shown on who said It could mean a number of things. This got me thinking if people are angered or upset by this shouldn't they be blaming themselves for assuming that 'Fucking' is what the F stands for, or at least just accept that today swearing is common language and although adverts like these are designed on a level for the younger generation, this age group swears more than any other!

Personally I think its a really clever idea which related to the target audience and got the exposure the show wanted! I'm sure they were aware when they came up with the idea that it would raise some eyebrows, but saw it as an opportunity to gain publicity.

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