Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go Elephants!

Here are a couple of the elephants that can be seen around my local town of Norwich!

Go Elephants! has turned the streets, parks and public spaces of Norwich into a giant urban savannah. A herd of life-size baby elephants are currently on safari in locations across the city until 31 August before being sold at a special gala auction in September 2008. There are fifty-three different elephants each one has been decorated by an artist or community group, creating an outdoor art gallery showcasing the rich artistic talent the region has to offer.


Anthony Smith said...

A very similar concept to the Superlamb Banana in Liverpool. The use of differently designed iconic sculptures placed around a city can create such intregue and interest. In Liverpool at the moment there are 100 dotted across the city and people are invited to find them all. Don't know how sad you have to be to actually do that but it is interesting how much interest can be generated by a project like this.

Francesca Bennett said...

Wow...maybe this is a national scheme, or at least it should be, a different object in every city wouldn't that be great. Soon we would be distinguishing the cities but the intriguing object the housed they would become the landmarks of our generation "I'll meet you at 12 o'clock by the mirrored elephant"