Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had no intention of actually seeing this film until I was dragged along to it because there was nothing else on at the Cinema. However I was pleasantly surprised. It was a slow start to what I couldn't quite believe was a disney production. No need to say the Pixar graphics were faultless but the story line was one beyond what Disney normally throws out. It saw humans abandon the earth which they had turned into a giant dumping ground, leaving robots to clean up the mess (ie Wall-e) while they to circle in space a ship on a giant vacation. The cruise space ship offers all the humans needs taken care of by robots and it seem that in the production of hover chairs nobody walks any more and everyone is fat. Every one is also too lazy to eat food and consequently takes their food as a drink they can sip through a straw. People communicate only electronically on a screen and are completely oblivious to the what goes on around them. UNTIL life on earth is detected and its time to finally go home!!!

I'm surprised at how relevant this story is to how our planet is heading now! And apparently it no coincidence! A friend informed me that On the Toy Story box set DVD extras They talk about their idea for Wall-e but decided it would have more impact to hold production until the right time, when people realised just how relevant it is.

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