Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starbucks Logo

On my visit to a Starbucks in Orlando Florida this summer, I was surprised to see a new logo for the company. On inspection of this much more traditional take on the double tailed mermaid I could not understand how I had not heard about a possible rebrand for the Company. As it turns out there is no rebrand! Merely an attempt for Starbucks to get back to its roots and show it as a established Coffee brewer! This logo is an adaption of Starbucks first ever logo (not wanting to cause a commotion with the original logo as the mermaid bared her breasts) used to convey Starbucks as a more well rounded traditional company after over 35 years of success.

The logo is being placed on cups and cup holders for a limited period of time. I can only think that Starbucks is trying to shed its Image as the Big Greedy Corporate Coffee Making Machine that puts smaller privately owned Coffee shops out of business by opening a brach up on every corner! Whether or not it will convince the people who don't like to fund the big corporations is doubtful, it may however please its existing customers to think they aren't buying into the brand but in fact a 'Classic Coffee Maker'.

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